wedding venue

Where should your wedding venue be?

Wedding venue ideas can be as vast as the ocean. It can be anywhere, literally. There are couples having their wedding venue on a yacht, cruise, hotels, restaurants, churches, clubs, beaches and even their home! A thing to note is wedding at hotels, yacht, cruise, and clubs definitely would not be a cheap wedding venue.

There is no restriction to where you can hold your wedding, as long as you are able to afford it. However, if you are to hold your wedding on a yacht or cruise, be sure to prepare seasick medication. Wedding at hotels look grand and luxurious. However, the food may not be as delicious as those of restaurants. Simple and cheap wedding venue may be held at churches and home. They may be cheap but they bring you close to your family and friends.

Wedding venue decorations would depend on the theme you choose. There are couples decorating their venue with Disney world, princess-like theme or a touch of china. If you would like a simple elegant decoration, simply decorate your wedding venue with florals.