Wedding Invitations

Your Dedicated Wedding Invitations

So, you have decided to hold the wedding ceremony at your dream location. Next up would be to invite your close family and friends. Often, we would verbally inform our invitees first. Then the official invitations will be sent out. Have you thought of how you would want your wedding invitations to be like? Wedding invitations need not be expensive. They can be creative, unique and cheap altogether.

Some wedding venues offer free printing of wedding invitations of up to 70% of your total invitees. This is usually more than enough. Their wedding invitations cards are quite elegant and good-looking. Alternatively, you can approach printing shops where the more you print, the cheaper it is. You can even pass them your own design and create a style of your own.

DIY wedding invitations are largely popular nowadays. You decide the design, the colour, the style, the quality, and you get to hands-on. Be it a rustic wedding invitations or a vintage wedding invitations, no one would doubt your sincerity. It just take a little hard work to complete the perfect wedding invitations.

You can bring your wedding invitations to another level – online wedding invitations. It is environmental friendly and can be accessed anytime, anywhere! Furthermore, online wedding invitations can reach out to thousands of invitees in just a click away. The usual hardcopy wedding invitations design can be brought online and even be animated. It is simply a combination of creativity, effort saving and uniqueness!

Having presented so many wedding invitations ideas, have you decided on one?

Wedding invitations wording need to be chosen carefully. You could choose to be playful, sentimental or even incorporate the traditional style. But of course regardless the style you decide to use, it would have to include important information such as the wedding venue, wedding date and time, and the wedding couple names and contact.



Wedding is a ceremony where the two of you officially become one. It is also at the same time, an announcement to your family and friends of settling down with your ideal one.

This ceremony is a big happy occasion, but as well to make both your heads “big”. Different ethnic groups have different cultures. Nevertheless, most wedding ceremonies involve the following elements which we will next discuss about:

  1. Wedding Invitations
  2. Wedding venues
  3. Wedding songs
  4. Wedding hairstyles
  5. Wedding dresses
  6. Wedding cake
  7. Wedding vows
  8. Wedding gowns
  9. Wedding rings
  10. Wedding gifts